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Project: A Year in the Word

Meg Hunter-Kilmer is a Speaker, Blogger, and self proclaimed “Hobo for Christ”. With two degrees in theology and five years of teaching religion, she travels the world speaking about God, Catholic apologetics, and the life of prayer.

She came to me in January with her project, “A Year in the Word”, which was to be a series of blog posts for Aleteia, each featuring two different scripture passages to memorize every week this year. In one of her blog posts Meg says, “…It’s not enough for us to skim the surface, reading for consumption rather than letting ourselves be consumed. We need to commit Scripture to memory so it ends up running through our veins, coloring our perspective, correcting and forming us.” She wanted a design for each scripture passage that could be used as a background graphic for mobile devices, something to use as a reminder, and a way to aid in the memorization process. When she asked for my help, I was very happy to be able to work with her on it.

Here is a direct link to “A Year in The Word” on her blog:

And here is a link to her project on Aleteia:

Here are some sample graphics:



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